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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Smart Red, Apr 8, 2015.

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    Smart Red

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    Last night I purchased an 8' x 8' flat bed trailer. Today, son picked it up for me. Now I am looking for the perfect chicken coop to build on top. Being mobile means no increase in property taxes for the building.

    Being movable also means I can site the coop right beside the neighbors' backyard. Not that I am usually that mean, but these neighbors first threatened us with legal action because they 'knew' we were stealing their land. Then, when they found out they were using some of our land instead, they decided to sue us for it. To that end, they told several whoppers about us breaking the law, moving line fences, removing surveyor posts, and stealing their land -- after they knew the truth.

    They also called the sheriff on us a couple of times for trespassing on areas of our land not even in question in their suit. I figure having roosters crowing (almost) in their back yard first thing in the morning and through the day is a small thing for all the aggravation they've caused and mistakes they've spread as lies.

    Hopefully I will remember to take photos as the coop goes together.
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